Benefits of having a website

1. Much cheaper than traditional advertising
The traditional part is journalism. Magazine, Newspaper These are traditional advertising campaigns such as billboards. When you advertise your business in Traditional, “Who is looking at your ad? How much has happened? ” If you want to advertise on the web, take time, It is also cost-effective and can be displayed on the Web for a long time and can be advertised at low cost.
2. Facebook Pixel advertising
Just have a website that connects to Facebook Pixel to your visitors. Only those who are really interested in your business can advertise. Plus, you can see the details of how many people are coming to your site.
3. Helping to be reliable
A website represents your online business address. Your “homepage” refers to your brand value. The About Us page provides information about your business. The Contact Us page shows your location and contact numbers. Verify your business presence and improve your confidence. Having a business website makes your business more authentic than online guides and social media pages.
4. Revelation 24 7
Your office closure may cause your customers to stay away. But not your website. Access the website 24/7. This means that your customers are always happy and comfortable. You can visit anywhere. They can buy your products. Or, you can find your services without having to wait until you open your store. In addition, a quick response to customer inquiries with the help of Live Chat option can increase your confidence in your business.
5. Analytics
With a website, you can keep track of what’s going on with the analytics tool. How many people visit your site every day? Or see how many users email your business. Can help you identify the customer’s demographics or origin. Based on this information, you can create better marketing strategies and increase your chances of reaching your sales or goals.
6 Reducing costs
You can use the website to sell your services and products directly to customers. The Website is intended for employees, Reduced costs for rent and utilities. In addition, the website allows you to communicate with your staff, Meetings and travel costs can be eliminated.

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