Why do you need to know KPI as an entrepreneur?

Why do you need to know KPI as an entrepreneur?
Imagine that you are a businessman.
You should know the meaning of KPI.
KPI is a Key Performance Indicator.
As a businessman, how successful are your marketing campaigns? Your Marketing Objectives can be measured in KPIs about what your marketplace information is, and there is a lot of information about your business. Entrepreneurs see this and get distracted and face problems that may not last long enough without getting their marketing objectives in place.
In order to reach your Objectives, you should focus only on what is needed.
For example, if your Marketing Objectives are Inquiries, you don’t have to rely on Likes and Comments. The focus should be on how many marketing budgets and Inquiries you actually use. Are the Leaders the Quality Leads? You should focus on whether your customers want them and measure your KPIs.

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