Event Management

If you have a hundred difficulties in managing events such as Life Event, Trade show, Festivals, Road Show, etc., we recommend that you join our Aerial Yangon. When planning an event, you need to plan your budget. It is a place where people live. In addition to planning and transportation plans, we are also managing the time and space. Complex event management skills will be easily remedied by experienced and experienced staff. Markers are an opportunity to get in touch with your customers directly, and not be in the wrong, since Event Management Service is a unique opportunity.

Products Launch Event

Encourage new customers to introduce and buy new products. The Product Launch Event is held in Yangon’s popular hotels and famous Models to further explain the product’s usefulness and strengths. Media Invitations Inviting Customers Managing the entire event from start to finish.

Press Conference

Event Events School events; Organizations can be notified in advance of the event in advance of the event, within a week or three days before the event.